Sunday, December 19, 2010

How to Move Barge in Post Rain Sog Bog

Incredibly, amidst all this incessant rain, we have had a few dry spells and we actively grasp the opportunity to move things from the mainland to our island (supposed) paradise via our barge. 
However, it's stinking heavy and gets bogged!
So the boys' ingenious way to avoid digging her out of the mud is to amortize the massive weight of the Freight Train barge from all weight on 2 trolley wheels and tyres to it spread along thick timbers. They walk along to the sides but between the tractor and FT and place hardwood timbers under the wheels and this spreads the point of contact of 3 tonnes from onto the 2 trolley wheels to over 2.5 metres. Effectively staying on top of the mudholes and using up more surface area. Then, once the tractor has dragged FT over the timber they move it again. Slow going but very successful and easy with 3 men!
Great thinking, Rome was perhaps water logged as well? A yes, the aqua viaduct!
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