Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sugar for my Sweetheart

Well it's true, Cameron knows and loves me so much, despite all behaviour to the obvious contrary, when he bought me a sweet gift - sugar cane mulch - SUPERSIZED!
Ken, our caretaker, thought Cameron was kidding when he asked him to help out delivering me a gift and was then completely shocked as to how thrilled I was. Ken has never seen my now sold Apex St vegetable garden and the serious produce we enjoyed nightly for dinner. My organic augergines or eggplants to some, were the best you have ever tasted, we even weighed and recorded them they were so shiny and heavy - just like a bought one!
My latest LOCAL NEWS is also that the BEST vegetable seedlings in Brisbane Metro has got to be the Underwood Bunnings garden centre. We decided to exit the wicked peak hour Gold Coast highway traffic the other night and spend an amazing hour amongst and awesome array of established veges including black tomatoes and purple carrots, nice strong roots, shiny green leaves, WOW! 
Now all this rain had a purpose, mulch and melt my sugar cane and grow my sweet veges!
Thank you Bish love toni x

OK so we need to get out more!

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