Sunday, December 19, 2010

Quad Quads

4 Quad bikes delivered to Horizon Shores marina by awesome Paul of Gold Coast Quads! Why is Paul so awesome? He delivered the 4 quads in that back of his cool Holden ute, put them together onsite, gave us a lesson in the marina car park then helped us drive them onto our "Freight Train" barge. Thank you so much Paul, such service is unheard of in the bike industry, I discovered over the past few months trying to buy these dirty babies. No one wanted to answer any total girl questions, nor had 4 black ones available for Christmas! Paul has spare parks too, safe helmets and so helpful.
Only at Helensvale too!
Here's he who thought it was too excessive for island living, beaming with excitement!
tm x

Callvm, Bish, Ken, our caretaker and Paul, owner of Gold Coast Quads

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