Sunday, December 5, 2010

Our New Baby

Another weekend has gone by and we have added to our island family by buying 2 alpacas on Friday, BEFORE the "wet season" here in Moreton Bay. Meet "Jack" our cria (meaning baby), huacaya (fro style) alpaca. Check out his gorgeous fro, black with a smidge of brown on the top! Jack and I loved each other onsite and happily Cameron got to choose his own new baby as well. He chose a caramel jersey coloured cria called Joshee and he is even smaller than Jack. So cute! Sorry no photo of Joshee here as Cameron was wielding the camera whilst I was cooing hopelessly. No hard nosed negotiation going on here at Stanmore Park Alpacas at Yatala, simply fall in love and pay your money. Actually, Esther the owner of Stanmore, is the most knowledgeable breeder of anything I have struck and one who is also so keen for you to share in her alpaca love that she spills all the beans on how to raise the best alpacas, best pen/fence type, best training tips, best snacks for the most cuddles...this is where I tuned back in to the conversation. Cameron asked all the relevant questions and I honestly did take notes, it was just that I was kind of day dreaming at the same time. 
Finally, my multitasking put to good use!
tm x

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