Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Duck Egg Surprise

Well Lucy, our pretty white "birthday present" duck, has given us a sweet present. We thought perhaps she was a Luke, instead of a Lucy, due to no eggs forthcoming since Spring starts all wonderful things like reproduction happen.
Check out the wonderful surprise we found today underneath the large roots of our 70 year old Poinciana tree - 16 eggs. Away from the sharp raking feet of the chickens, or "evil wenches" as I call them, since they dig up everything in sight, including my veges, if they break out of their corner and into my patch! Great for turning over the mulch...
Anyway, Lucy - What a clever girl!
They made the most delicious omelette this morning for my boys for breakfast. Duck eggs and home grown wilted spinach and sweated onions sliced finely through it.
Callvm especially wanted to know what the secret ingredient was...
tm x

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