Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Insightful View

Dune Road is where we are going, our sandy road to the Australian Eastern coast, to our seaside farm.

Where did our inspiration for the name come from? My sister, Peta-Anne, has a beach house in South Hampton, New York and close by is a divine long road of ocean front mansions called Dune Road.
Breath takingly beautiful.
The drive itself inspires you to achieve success enough to afford such a vista and as we drove, I knew this was my direction, it felt so clear. All of the business ideas, successes, products, services and directions I have, almost aligned inside my head and the path for our seaside cabins became clear. I looked over at Cameron and he felt it too. We were ready. What for, was up to us.
We LOVE to entertain and cook daily with our fresh produce making amazing gifts with our excess. These gifts are zealously sought after, hence, we began to sell them in our Suite Coffee and Juice bars. Mascarpone cheese, yoghurt, banana breads, oatmeal and linseed chocolate chip cookies, all loved and sold out immediately. Savouries too, like Spiced Aubergine Chutney and preserves like cumquat, vanilla bean and Strawberry Liquer many divine tastes. Accolades received has meant good sales and loyal clients and now we can share our story and grow our love of organics and wholesome living online here with you.
Next, is to settle on our coastal location so we can invite you to come, stay and share.
We'd love to meet you!

Hence, we dedicate this insightful record of our abundant next decade of passionate family, food, friend and life loving to our journey down Dune Road.
tm x


  1. Looking forward to reading all about your adventures!!

  2. Thnx CC, come & visit, text from the boat ramp & we'll b there in 5 minutes flat! You can see our island from the boat ramp! tm x