Monday, November 1, 2010

Getting High

How does one get to an island in  Moreton Bay?

Fly with us of course!
Cameron hovering and fuel testing here in stripey Ralph Lauren polo with his initials embroidered on the back by us elaundry chicks! Yes, he hates it - I think it looks cool...

Both Cameron and Callvm have been learning to fly Robinson 22 helicopters with Aeropower at Redcliffe for the entire of 2010. The cool Aeropower guys have the amazing skills to fly their helicopters and swing a maintenance man out from the helicopter to service power lines whilst the power is still live!!! Hail Mary.
They are airborne electrical contractors and can patrol, inspect, construct, string, wash (my department!), repair, maintain and analyze powerlines and save large companies, hence us, a lot of money! 
This up in the air service means that we consumers have no power interruptions and better services without even knowing it. 
Cue- internet happy girl stuck on island.
As well, AP has an incredible equipment service agreement with none other than Rolls Royce providing AP with access to spare engines, accessories, technical manuals and training. Rolls Royce is the world leading producer of light turbine engines in the helicopter market!!!
For a cool $1 Million, do you think rotor blades are included or an optional extra for your RR Phantom?
tm x

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