Monday, November 1, 2010

The Flaw in the Plan

OK so we thought we'd renovate our home and sell it for the eco cabin farm ( choice of 2! ) and, as per normal, we predicted it would take a few months to sell so we can politely negotiate our choices for our dream farm - Well - it took 27 hours to sell - cash contract - How could we say no?
Hail Mary.
The flaw being, that the negotiations are only casually underway on our 2 farm options and in 21 days we need somewhere to live!!!!
Bugger it all, let's borrow Cameron's dad's vintage jag and go to the coast! We can pack next weekend.
Here's Cameron and Callvm, our son, out the front of our just sold Clayfield home with Grandpa's pride and joy, his convertible e type jag.
tm x

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