Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Eccentricity = Mad with Means

You guys are mad, some friends would say, the pair of you have too much energy say others…

Well our businesses all rock, our staff are wonderful, we love them but there must be more….  Our only son is finishing school in a couple of weeks, he is so magnificent, and our world is about to change.

For years we have been hatching a plan, experimenting in the back yard, keeping geese, chickens and a duck, Lucy. We practice permaculture, study bio dynamic agriculture, we have grown our soil, built veggie patches,  been worm ranching.
Plenty of people want to go green but we reckon that that doesn’t need to mean cheese cloth wearing sandal sluggers - weed smoking rabble! 
There must be a way to go green gracefully and still entertain…

Well we think there is, so, we are on our quest for a location that we will never get sick of and where friends and guests will beg to stay.

We don’t even care about the soil… she went to school and learned to grow it from the best “Organic Phil” then deceived me into the toiling between gym bouts to grow it, saying it made my biceps look bigger (ok…it worked). 
So, we can do it again but this time I’m insisting on using brains (read machinery) and not so much brawn so it can be of a grander more sustainable scale.

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